Refrigerator Tips and Advice


  • The proper temperature range is about 36 degrees Fahrenheit for the fridge between 0 and 5 degrees for the freezer.
  • Buying a new refrigerator may dramatically reduce your energy bill.
  • Clean the coils with a vacuum or duster every six months to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • During a power outage a fridge will stay cold for about 8 hours and a freezer will stay cold for about 48 hours. Don’t open the door unless absolutely necessary.
  • Regularly defrost your manual defrost freezer and never chip away the frost.
  • A full fridge is more efficient than a half empty one, but don’t overfill it either.
  • Do remove the door of a refrigerator or freezer in storage or prop the door open so that a child cannot close the door.
  • Do keep your refrigerator upright during moving and storage.
  • Do wait 24 hours after moving a refrigerator before plugging it in.
  • Keep at least two inches or air space behind your refrigerator and six inches above it.


  • Don’t overfill your refrigerator or it won’t cool as well.
  • Don’t chip away the frost in manual defrost freezers.
  • Don’t store your refrigerator unplugged for extended periods of time. Some units require continuous use to ensure proper lubrication of the compressor. If possible, plug in the refrigerator once every few months and let it run for a couple hours.
  • Don’t tip the refrigerator onto it’s side because oil from the compressor can run up into the filter/dryer and get trapped.

How To Move a Refrigerator

When you move a refrigerator, certain precautions should be taken. First of all, don’t try to move it by yourself, always have an able-bodied assistant to help. Exercise caution when tipping a refrigerator, it can fall onto you and cause serious injury. Never move a refrigerator up or down stairs without at least two strong people.

refrigerator and fridge repair in nairobi
refrigerator and fridge repair in nairobi

Different refrigerators have different styles of shelves. In some cases the shelves should be removed, taped together and placed in the bottom of the fridge, or moved separately. In other cases, the shelves may to be taped in placed. If you leave loose shelves, there is a risk that they will be damaged. Don’t move a refrigerator with its contents, always transport the contents separately. Don’t forget to remove the contents of the drawers, cubbies and secure the ice bucket or ice cube trays.

During moving or transportation the doors may come open, so it is best to secure them closed with a moving strap or tape. Be careful not to over tighten the straps or you may pull the door out of alignment. If the move will take more than a day, it is best if the doors are kept slightly open to allow for air flow, to reduce the growth of mildew inside the fridge. Wedge a rolled up towel between the door and cabinet and then secure the door with tape. This will keep the door from flying open but will allow air flow into the cabinet. When taping the shelves or doors, select a tape that will not damage the finish or leave a residue.

Can I Lay a Refrigerator on its Side?

Avoid laying a refrigerator on its side. The oil in the compressor can flow into the cooling lines when the refrigerator is tipped onto its side. When returned to an upright position, there is a risk that the oil will not completely drain from the cooling lines and the refrigerator will not cool.

If you have to lay the fridge over, try to avoid laying it completely flat. Instead tip it to an angle by placing a box under the top of the fridge; this will help to keep the oil in the compressor. Also, there are several lines connected to the compressor. The cooling and discharge lines should be oriented to face up. You must keep the oil out of these lines. Laying the refrigerator over with the tubes facing up will minimize the risk of fouling the lines.

When you have the refrigerator in place at its destination, leave it upright for a few hours before plugging it in. This will give the oil an opportunity to flow back into the compressor. After plugging it in, it is not unusual for the fridge to take up to 72 hours to return to its low temperatures, especially if the fridge is empty.

If after all your effort the refrigerator won’t cool, your refrigerator may be in its defrost cycle, so be patient, about 6 hours, for the cycle to complete. Otherwise, there may be oil in the lines. In that case, you will need professional repair.

Moving Tips:

  • Don’t try to move a fridge with it’s contents. Empty the refrigerator first. The contents adds a lot of weight, it will shift around during moving and will make it more prone to tip over.
  • Tape the doors closed.
  • Wrap the fridge in a protective cloth to avoid damaging the appliance and to reduce the risk of damage to the walls in your home.
  • Use a dolly or hand truck to move a refrigerator.
  • Don’t put straps over door handles to avoid damaging them.
  • Don’t overtighten straps or the door may become warped or be pulled out of alignment.
  • Always have adequate assistance when moving a refrigerator, it is very heavy.
  • Follow all appropriate safety precautions.

Ice Machines Repair

Ice Machines

At REPAIR NAIROBI, we understand that living in Nairobi  can be uncomfortably hot. Ice Makers are a popular solution to the unforgiving summers in Nairobi. Unfortunately, every appliance ultimately experiences issues such as not producing enough ice, bad odor and taste, and wear and tear from regular use. It is important to keep your ice maker properly-maintained to prevent unexpected service issues.

A technician can arrive at your location to complete your ice maker repair equipped with all the tools to get the job done. When it comes to servicing, maintaining, and repairing ice makers, our technicians are the experts.

They can provide you with the best information for maintaining and prolonging the life of your ice maker. We want to provide you with the tools to not only fix your problem, but help prevent future problems as well. Our loyal client base is just one result of the excellent service that we’ve provided for over 20 years.


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