The cost of fridge repair services in Nairobi and Kenya can vary significantly based on several factors:

  1. Type of Repair Needed: The specific issue affecting the refrigerator greatly influences the repair cost. Common problems like thermostat replacements, compressor issues, gas refills, or electrical faults may have different pricing structures.
  2. Labor Charges: Technicians typically charge for their time and expertise. Labor costs may vary depending on the complexity of the repair and the technician’s hourly rates.
  3. Cost of Parts: If replacement parts are required, their prices will contribute to the overall repair cost. Genuine parts from the refrigerator’s manufacturer might be more expensive than aftermarket or generic alternatives.
  4. Service Call or Inspection Fees: Some repair companies charge a flat rate or a fee for the initial inspection or service call, which might or might not be included in the total repair cost.
  5. Urgency of Repair: Emergency or same-day repair services might come with additional charges compared to standard or scheduled appointments.
  6. Location: Repair costs may differ based on the location within Kenya. Urban areas like Nairobi might have higher service charges compared to rural areas due to various factors such as accessibility, overhead costs, and demand.

The cost of fridge repair services in Kenya could range from approximately 1,000 Ksh to 10,000 Ksh or more, depending on the factors mentioned above. Simple repairs such as fixing minor electrical faults or replacing a thermostat might cost at the lower end of the spectrum. However, complex repairs involving compressor replacements or major component fixes could reach higher price points.

It’s essential to request a detailed quote or estimate from the repair company before agreeing to the service. This estimate should outline the breakdown of costs, including labor charges, parts, service fees, and any applicable taxes. Additionally, ensure that the technician explains the scope of work and gets approval before starting any repairs to avoid unexpected expenses.



The prices of fridge spare parts in Kenya can vary widely based on factors such as the brand, model, specific part needed, and whether the part is genuine or aftermarket. Here are approximate price ranges for some common refrigerator spare parts in Kenyan Shillings (Ksh):

  1. Thermostat: A replacement thermostat might cost anywhere between 1,000 Ksh to 5,000 Ksh or more, depending on the brand and compatibility with the refrigerator model.
  2. Compressor: Compressors are one of the costlier parts to replace. Prices for a compressor can range from 5,000 Ksh to 20,000 Ksh or higher, depending on the capacity and brand of the compressor.
  3. Evaporator Fan Motor: Replacement evaporator fan motors can range from 1,500 Ksh to 8,000 Ksh, depending on the model and brand.
  4. Door Seals (Gaskets): Gaskets are relatively more affordable, with prices typically ranging from 1,000 Ksh to 4,000 Ksh, depending on the refrigerator size and brand.
  5. Condenser Coils: Replacement condenser coils may cost between 3,000 Ksh to 8,000 Ksh, depending on the refrigerator model and size.
  6. Start Relay/Overload Protector: Prices for start relays or overload protectors can vary between 500 Ksh to 2,000 Ksh.
  7. Defrost Heater: Replacement defrost heaters might range from 1,500 Ksh to 6,000 Ksh, depending on the refrigerator’s make and model.
  8. Thermistor: Prices for thermistors can range from 800 Ksh to 3,000 Ksh or more.

Please note that these prices are approximate and may have changed due to various factors such as market fluctuations, availability, brand variations, and location. Additionally, genuine parts from the manufacturer might be more expensive compared to aftermarket or generic parts.


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