Mathare, Nairobi County


Mathare Constituency is one of the constituencies in Nairobi County, Kenya. It is situated to the northeast of Nairobi’s central business district and is known for its unique blend of challenges and resilience. Mathare is one of Nairobi’s most densely populated areas and has a rich history of grassroots activism and community-driven initiatives.

Key Features and Highlights of Mathare Constituency:

  1. Diversity: Mathare is an incredibly diverse constituency, home to a mix of ethnicities and cultures. It reflects the multicultural fabric of Nairobi and Kenya as a whole.
  2. Informal Settlements: A significant portion of Mathare consists of informal settlements, characterized by low-income housing and limited access to basic amenities. The constituency has been a focal point for discussions on urban poverty and informal settlements in Nairobi.
  3. Community Organizations: Mathare has a strong tradition of community-driven organizations and activism. Many local groups and NGOs work tirelessly to address the challenges faced by residents, including issues related to sanitation, healthcare, and education.
  4. Education: Despite the challenges, Mathare Constituency is home to various schools and educational institutions, some of which provide affordable education options for children in the informal settlements.
  5. Economic Activities: The constituency is a hub of informal economic activities, with markets, small businesses, and street vendors contributing to the livelihoods of many residents.
  6. Healthcare Services: Access to healthcare is a critical issue in Mathare, and there are both government-run and NGO-supported health facilities that offer essential medical services to the community.
  7. Security: Like many urban areas with informal settlements, Mathare has faced security challenges in the past. However, efforts have been made to improve security and community policing.
  8. Community Empowerment: Mathare is known for its vibrant and active civil society. Local community-based organizations and initiatives have played a crucial role in advocating for residents’ rights, improving living conditions, and promoting social change.
  9. Sports and Recreation: The constituency has produced several talented athletes and sports enthusiasts. There are sports facilities and clubs that provide opportunities for residents to engage in various sports and recreational activities.
  10. Transportation: Mathare is well-connected to other parts of Nairobi through various modes of public transportation, including buses and matatus (shared taxis). This connectivity facilitates residents’ access to jobs and services in different parts of the city.

In conclusion, Mathare Constituency is a complex and diverse area within Nairobi, characterized by its mixture of challenges and community-driven resilience. Despite the socio-economic difficulties faced by many residents, the constituency has a rich history of activism and community engagement. Efforts continue to improve living conditions, access to basic services, and overall quality of life for the people of Mathare, making it an important and evolving part of Nairobi’s urban landscape.

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