Professional Lawn Mower Repair Services in Nairobi

Professional Lawn Mower Repair Services in Nairobi

Lawn Mower Repair Services in Nairobi and all around Kenya : Maintaining a well-groomed lawn is an essential part of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any property. However, like any other machine, lawn mowers are prone to wear and tear, which can hinder their performance over time. In Nairobi, where lush green gardens are a common sight, it is vital to have access to reliable lawn mower repair services to keep these machines running smoothly. Repair KE is a leading provider of lawn mower repair services in Nairobi, offering top-notch solutions to keep your lawn mowers in excellent working condition.

Services Offered:

Repair KE takes pride in its comprehensive range of lawn mower repair services, designed to address various issues that may arise with different types of lawn mowers. Some of the key services provided by Repair KE include:

  1. Routine Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and optimal performance of lawn mowers. Repair KE offers routine maintenance services, including cleaning, oiling, blade sharpening, air filter replacement, and spark plug checks, to ensure that your lawn mower operates efficiently.
  2. Engine Repair and Tune-Up: If your lawn mower’s engine is experiencing problems such as difficulty starting, poor performance, or unusual noises, Repair KE’s skilled technicians can diagnose and repair engine issues. They conduct thorough engine tune-ups to restore the mower’s power and efficiency.
  3. Blade Sharpening and Replacement: Dull blades can result in uneven cuts and may damage the grass. Repair KE can sharpen or replace the blades to ensure clean and precise cuts, promoting the overall health of your lawn.
  4. Electrical System Repairs: For electric lawn mowers, electrical system malfunctions can be a common occurrence. Repair KE has the expertise to troubleshoot and fix electrical problems efficiently, ensuring your electric lawn mower is safe and functional.
  5. Fuel System Cleaning: Contaminated fuel or clogged fuel lines can cause performance issues in gasoline-powered lawn mowers. Repair KE can clean and service the fuel system to restore the mower’s power and efficiency.
  6. Wheel and Drive System Repair: If your lawn mower is experiencing mobility issues, Repair KE can diagnose and repair problems related to the wheels and drive system, ensuring smooth and effortless maneuverability.
  7. Deck Repair and Cleaning: The mower’s deck is essential for maintaining an even cutting height. Repair KE provides deck repair and cleaning services to keep the cutting process efficient and consistent.

Why Choose Repair KE:

  1. Expert Technicians: Repair KE boasts a team of skilled technicians with in-depth knowledge and experience in repairing different types and brands of lawn mowers.
  2. Quality Parts: When replacements are necessary, Repair KE uses only high-quality, genuine parts to ensure the longevity and reliability of the repairs.
  3. Convenient Services: Repair KE offers convenient on-site repair services, saving customers the trouble of transporting their lawn mowers to a workshop.
  4. Affordable Pricing: The company is committed to providing transparent and competitive pricing for all their services, ensuring that lawn mower repairs are accessible to all.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Repair KE values its customers’ satisfaction above all else and strives to exceed their expectations with every repair job.

When it comes to lawn mower repair services in Nairobi, Repair KE is a trusted and reliable choice. With their skilled technicians, comprehensive range of services, and dedication to customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as the go-to provider for keeping lawn mowers in top-notch condition. Whether it’s routine maintenance, engine repair, blade sharpening, or any other issue, Repair KE is well-equipped to handle it all, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful and well-maintained lawn year-round.


Lawn mowers come in various types, each designed to suit different lawn sizes, terrains, and user preferences. Here are some of the most common types of lawn mowers:

  1. Push Reel Mowers: Also known as manual or hand mowers, push reel mowers are the most traditional and environmentally-friendly option. They do not require any fuel or electricity to operate, relying solely on the user’s pushing power to spin the blades. Push reel mowers are suitable for small, flat lawns and provide a clean and precise cut.
  2. Gas-Powered Walk-Behind Mowers: Gas-powered walk-behind mowers are among the most popular choices for residential lawn care. They run on gasoline and are available in various models, including side-discharge, mulching, and rear-bagging options. These mowers are suitable for medium to large-sized lawns and can handle uneven terrains.
  3. Electric Walk-Behind Mowers: Electric walk-behind mowers are available in two main types: corded and cordless (battery-powered). Corded electric mowers need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, which limits their mobility. On the other hand, cordless electric mowers are more maneuverable and suitable for small to medium-sized lawns. They are quieter and produce zero emissions compared to gas-powered mowers.
  4. Self-Propelled Mowers: Self-propelled mowers are equipped with a drive system that powers the wheels, making it easier for users to maneuver the mower without having to push it manually. These mowers are ideal for larger lawns or hilly terrains, as they reduce the physical effort required by the user.
  5. Riding Mowers: Riding mowers, also known as lawn tractors, are large and powerful machines that allow the user to sit while mowing. They are suitable for very large lawns, typically over half an acre, as they cover more ground quickly. Riding mowers often come with additional features such as attachments for bagging, mulching, or towing.
  6. Zero-Turn Mowers: Zero-turn mowers are a specific type of riding mower known for their exceptional maneuverability. They have a zero-turn radius, meaning they can turn on the spot without leaving uncut grass. Zero-turn mowers are highly efficient and are commonly used for commercial lawn care, as well as large residential properties.
  7. Robotic Mowers: Robotic mowers are autonomous lawn mowers that operate without human intervention. They are equipped with sensors to detect boundaries and obstacles and can mow the lawn automatically based on a pre-defined schedule. Robotic mowers are suitable for smaller lawns and are an excellent choice for those seeking hands-free lawn maintenance.

Each type of lawn mower has its advantages and is suited for specific lawn sizes and terrain types. When choosing a lawn mower, consider factors such as lawn size, terrain, budget, and personal preferences to find the one that best meets your needs.


Here are some popular lawn mower brands and some of their well-known models that we repair:

  1. Honda:
    • Honda HRX217VKA: A gas-powered, self-propelled walk-behind mower known for its reliability and performance.
    • Honda HRR216K9VKA: Another gas-powered, self-propelled model from Honda, offering ease of use and durability.
  2. Toro:
    • Toro Recycler 20333: A gas-powered walk-behind mower featuring a “Personal Pace” self-propel system for better control.
    • Toro TimeMaster 21199: A wide-cut, self-propelled mower with a large cutting deck, reducing mowing time for larger lawns.
  3. Husqvarna:
    • Husqvarna LC221RH: A gas-powered, self-propelled mower suitable for small to medium-sized lawns.
    • Husqvarna YTH18542: A riding mower equipped with a 42-inch cutting deck, suitable for larger residential properties.
  4. Craftsman:
    • Craftsman M275: A gas-powered, self-propelled walk-behind mower with a 159cc engine and a 21-inch cutting deck.
    • Craftsman T225: A riding mower with a 42-inch cutting deck and a 19 HP Briggs & Stratton engine.
  5. Greenworks:
    • Greenworks 25322: A battery-powered, cordless mower with a 16-inch cutting deck, suitable for smaller lawns.
    • Greenworks MO80L510: A cordless, self-propelled mower with an 80V battery system and a larger 21-inch cutting deck.
  6. Snapper:
    • Snapper XD 82V MAX: A battery-powered, self-propelled mower with a 21-inch steel cutting deck and multiple cutting options.
    • Snapper SPX Series: Riding mowers with varying cutting deck sizes and engine options for efficient lawn care.
  7. John Deere:
    • John Deere E180: A riding mower with a 54-inch cutting deck and powerful engine, suitable for larger properties.
    • John Deere X350: A lawn tractor with a 42-inch Accel Deep cutting deck, designed for versatility and performance.


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