Computer Repair in Nairobi

Computer Repair in Nairobi

Computer Repair in Nairobi, Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide

Computer Repair in Nairobi is a vital service that ensures the smooth functioning of electronic devices. From laptops to desktop computers, various issues can arise, causing inconvenience to users. This guide aims to provide insights into common computer problems, their solutions, repair processes, and associated costs.

Common Computer Problems

Several issues can plague computers, hindering their performance. Here are some prevalent problems faced by users:

  1. Slow Performance: Computers may slow down over time due to accumulated temporary files, insufficient RAM, or malware infections.

  2. Hardware Failure: Components such as hard drives, RAM modules, and motherboards can fail due to age or manufacturing defects.

  3. Software Errors: Operating system glitches, driver issues, and incompatible software installations can lead to system instability.

  4. Virus and Malware Infections: Malicious software can compromise data security and degrade system performance.

  5. Overheating: Dust accumulation, inadequate ventilation, or malfunctioning cooling systems can cause computers to overheat, leading to hardware damage.

Solutions to Common Problems

Slow Performance

To address slow performance issues, the following steps can be taken:

  • Disk Cleanup: Remove temporary files and unnecessary programs to free up disk space.

  • Upgrade RAM: Adding more RAM can improve multitasking capabilities and overall system speed.

  • Install Antivirus Software: Scan the system for malware and remove any detected threats.

Hardware Failure

If hardware components fail, they may need to be replaced. Common hardware repairs include:

  • Hard Drive Replacement: Install a new hard drive and transfer data from the old drive if necessary.

  • RAM Upgrade: Replace faulty RAM modules with new ones to restore system stability.

  • Motherboard Repair: Address issues such as damaged capacitors or faulty connectors by repairing or replacing the motherboard.

Software Errors

Software-related problems can often be resolved through:

  • Operating System Updates: Install the latest updates and patches to fix known bugs and vulnerabilities.

  • Driver Updates: Update device drivers to ensure compatibility and stability.

  • Reinstall Operating System: If software issues persist, reinstalling the operating system can provide a clean slate.

Virus and Malware Infections

To remove viruses and malware from a computer:

  • Run Antivirus Scan: Use reputable antivirus software to scan and remove malicious programs.

  • Enable Firewall: Activate the built-in firewall or install third-party firewall software to block unauthorized access.


To prevent overheating and subsequent hardware damage:

  • Clean Dust Buildup: Remove dust from fans, vents, and heat sinks using compressed air.

  • Improve Ventilation: Ensure proper airflow by placing the computer in a well-ventilated area or using additional cooling fans.

  • Replace Thermal Paste: Apply new thermal paste to the CPU and GPU to improve heat transfer.

Repair Process

When seeking Computer Repair in Nairobi, Kenya, the repair process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Diagnosis: The technician examines the computer to identify the root cause of the problem.

  2. Quotation: A cost estimate is provided to the customer, detailing the required repairs and associated charges.

  3. Repair: Upon approval, the technician proceeds with the necessary repairs, which may involve hardware replacement, software troubleshooting, or both.

  4. Testing: After repairs are completed, the computer undergoes testing to ensure that the issues have been resolved satisfactorily.

  5. Delivery: The repaired computer is returned to the customer, along with any relevant recommendations for maintenance or upgrades.

Cost of Repairs

The cost of Computer Repair in Nairobi, Kenya varies depending on the nature of the problem, required parts, and labor charges. Here's a rough breakdown of typical costs:

  • Diagnostic Fee: Ksh 500 - Ksh 2000 (depending on the complexity of the issue)

  • Hardware Replacement: Costs vary widely depending on the component. For example:

    • Hard Drive: Ksh 3000 - Ksh 10000
    • RAM: Ksh 2000 - Ksh 8000
    • Motherboard: Ksh 5000 - Ksh 15000
  • Software Troubleshooting: Ksh 1000 - Ksh 5000 (depending on the time required)

  • Virus Removal: Ksh 1000 - Ksh 5000 (depending on the severity of the infection)

  • Labour Charges: Typically range from Ksh 1000 to Ksh 5000 per hour, depending on the repair shop's rates.

Computer Repair in Nairobi, Kenya

Computer Repair in Nairobi, Kenya encompasses a wide range of services aimed at resolving hardware and software issues encountered by computer users. By understanding common problems, their solutions, the repair process, and associated costs, individuals can make informed decisions when seeking professional assistance to keep their computers running smoothly. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can prolong the lifespan of computers and ensure optimal performance for years to come



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