laptop computer repair nairobi mombasa kenya

Laptop Repair in Nairobi

laptop computer repair nairobi mombasa kenya
laptop computer repair nairobi mombasa kenya

If you have a problem with your computer that you just can’t seem to fix, you’ll benefit from the fast, professional laptop repairs and PC repairs service from the Laptop Repair Specialists in Nairobi .

At Laptop Repair specialists, couriers services allow us to deliver our computer repairs back to the customer quicker than any of our competitors and all of our customers are guaranteed a friendly, efficient service that’s great value for money, too!

Laptop Repair Specialists Based in the heart of Nairobi and servicing the whole of the Nairobi County, our expert team of engineers are able to carry out computer repairs of any magnitude for anxious workers, gamers and web-surfers up and down the country. We can carry out computer repairs on motherboards, Laptop screens, keyboards and many other vital system components, we can even do data recovery from your dead hard drive or computers.

Kenya Laptop Repairs and Laptop repair in Nairobi

We carry out hundreds of laptop repairs every single week on all types of laptops, from old favorites to the latest and greatest processors.

Our team of laptop repairs specialists have extensive experience when it comes to identifying and solving various laptop hardware and software faults, though they are particularly adept at repairing systems from Sony, Mac, iMac, Packard-Bell, Compaq, Hp, Advent, Toshiba, IBM and Acer.

Laptop screen replacement scratched, smashed or unattached? Get in touch with us – we stock most different models of laptop screens and so Laptop Repair Specialists have a best position to deal with this particular type of laptop repair in record time!

PC Repairs and Computer repair in Nairobi

Our PC repairs service is absolutely second to none. If your desktop is subjected to PC repairs, you can rest assured that our engineers will only ever use the best quality parts available.

We won’t cut corners by using second-hand replacements to fix your machine, ensuring that our computer repairs will improve your PC, not slow it down further.

Got an Apple Mac desktop or laptop? Don’t worry – the Laptop Repair Specialists are able to fix Macs in absolutely no time at all, with many of our Mac repairs being turned around in less than 24 hours (depending on your location).

Laptop Repair Specialists in Nairobi

If you’d like to speak to our computer repair specialists about your problem desktop or laptop, why not chat to a member of our team via the live chat facility on our website?

We’ll give you all the advice you need and you’ll soon recognise that we’re the right people for the job. We also offer 12 month warranties on all our computer repairs for your peace of mind.

Laptop Repair Nairobi

We undertake most types of laptop repair Nairobi services on all Apple and Windows laptops. Repairs are carried out at our Nairobi and Brighton locations, via mobile on-site technicians and remotely via secure connection.

Laptop Software Problems

We can deal with most operating system and third-party software issues remotely. Check out our remote IT support service. If we can’t resolve the issue remotely, we can dispatch an on-site technician.

Laptop Screen Replacement

If your laptop screen has become faulty or has been broken, we can order a new screen, fit and test it and have you back to good as new. Call us today and quote the make and model of your laptop and we will give you a competitive no obligation quote.

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

Laptops being mobile devices with mechanical hard drives means they are susceptible to bangs and drops and consequently failure. If your laptop won’t start or runs very slowly, it’s likely you have a failing hard drive. We can fit an SSD hard drive that is more reliable and transfer data from your old hard drive. If your data is inaccessible, all is not lost, we also have a hard drive data recovery service.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

If your keyboard is worn out or has had a spillage, let us have the make and model and we can order a replacement. Pop into our Nairobi store and we can fit it while you wait, or have a technician visit your home or business to fit it.

Laptop Battery Replacement

If your laptop battery doesn’t hold it’s charge any more, let us have the make and model and we can replace it for you. We cover all aspects of laptop repair, so if you have a problem not listed here, give us a call, we can help. Also remember, if you are based in the Sussex area, take a look at our laptop repair Brighton page.


Most popular laptop repairs

Same day solution on most laptop issues. MacBook Pro broken screen repair services in Nairobi , bring it in or send for online repair

Broken LCD screen replacement service

We can change the broken front glass or the screen your laptop. We can replace it in matter of hours. Parts are genuine, with the same functionality as original. There is many different screen models so we need to order replacement parts first. MacBook Pro broken keyboard repair services in Nairobi , bring it in or send for online repair

Faulty keyboard repair

The keyboard is the main input method for your laptop and any fault have an impact to the usability of the computer. The keyboard usually gets damaged from the liquid or improper clean up. We replace the keyboard on your laptop within 1 day, once we get it. We support most laptops, please inquire before sending or bringing your laptop. MacBook Pro broken trackpad repair services in Nairobi , bring it in or send for online repair

Trackpad repair

We can replace the trackpad on your laptop. The repair takes few hours. We use only genuine trackpads, new, with 6 months warranty. Please send us a quote first so we can check replacement parts availability. MacBook Pro overheating repair services in Nairobi , bring it in or send for online repair

Overheating repair

As the laptop gets older, the cooling system may be blocked by dust or the fan become noisy. Your laptop will get hot and hotter. This simple issue may lead to very serious problems such as graphics or processor failure so it’s important to get it sorted as the laptop is still functional. MacBook Pro water damage repair services in Nairobi , bring it in or send for online repair

Water damage repair

Usually only the keyboard stops working after contact with the liquid. Laptop rarely survives contact with water and it can be very difficult to fix them. However we specialised in this type of repairs so if we cannot fix it, nobody can! MacBook Pro soldering repair services in Nairobi , bring it in or send for online repairMacBook Pro soldering repair services in Nairobi , bring it in or send for online repair

Faulty motherboard repair

Motherboard is the brain and the heart of your laptop. It is an integrated circuit board where if anything fails, usually manufacturers say that the whole parts needs to be changed. We can fix most of parts of the logic board using high end tools and parts. If it cannot be fixed, only then we offer to replace it. MacBook Pro battery replacement repair services in Nairobi , bring it in or send for online repair

Battery replacement service

We can replace the battery of your laptop. The battery may need replacing after already 1 year of use, improper and too frequent charge or water damage. The battery type we use is the highest quality part and it comes with 6 months warranty. MacBook Pro software repair services in Nairobi , bring it in or send for online repair

Software issues repair

If you need any Windows help when your computer becames very slow, you the Windows does not start up or you want your data to be recovered, we are here to help. We can fix the Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10, help you With upgrade to latest Windows or reinstall the system when it becomes not stable. We can backup your data if you need it too.


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*We also fix Gas and Electric ovens and cookers for our customers in and around Nairobi and Mombasa Kenya


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